Scientifically speaking, if you consume less calories than your body burns up, then you should lose weight. However, here is where the science stops because what I’m about to do is seriously unhealthy. Seriously unhealthy. As God did not bless with a fast metabolism I have had to develop my own crafty means of weight loss: THE CHOCOLATE DIET.

Now most people diet by exercising or eating changing their eating habits. But hey, I’m a child of both Western and Korean cosmopolitan culture and hence am pre-conditioned to develop an unhealthy attitude towards my body. So completely on impulse, I stopped at my local supermarket and grabbed some essentials (see below).

The method:

The chocolate diet involves consuming around 3000-4000kj of chocolate per day over a definite period of time. The only thing you’re allowed to eat is chocolate. The crux of this diet, is therefore, not what you’re putting into your mouth, but how much you’re putting in it. Here’s what I purchased ($13 total):

Altogether this amounts to: 3584 kj + 4260 kj + 4540 kj + 3520 kj + 3255 kj = 19,159kj

I’m going to eat this over 6 days, so it’ll be an average of 3193 kj per day. Being the extremely anal person that I am, I’ve already sorted out the chocolate into containers. So for the next two days, this is why I’ll be living on:

The facts:

  • The recommended daily intake for someone of my height, weight and activity level is 6920kj. You can find out what yours is here.
  • On average we need to burn 5000kj per day in order to lose 1 kg of fat
  • Wait a minute….so you’re telling me that after starving myself for 1 week, I’ll only lose 0.5kgs??? Please let this be lies!

For all of you that want to do this with me (and I don’t encourage you), or are trying to achieve your own weight loss goals, I’ve made a nice motivational poster for you to come back to when you feel your willpower weakening:

I will write a new post in 2 weeks time to let you know how it’s going! If however, I die in the process (due to starvation) don’t hold me to that promise! 

Read about the results here



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