Fashion Review: K-Collection In Seoul

On March 11, Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, IU, MBLAQ, INFINITE, T-ara, Miss A, SECRET and Nine Muses walked the runway as well as performed for the K-Collection In Seoul.

Held at the Olympic Park Gymnasium, K-Collection In Seoul is Korea’s first ever fashion concert with idols themselves showcasing the most recent fashion styles. The event is a collaboration with 20 beauty brands and designers including B Zuan, 2 placebo, V-Company and Skin Food. It was organized by broadcaster SBS to invigorate local, mid and small-sized fashion brands, which are losing ground amid the big enterprises and foreign brands.

Other attendees include Yeo Jin Gu, former supermodels Choi Yeo Jin and Gong Hyun Joo, Hwang In Young, Yoo Min, Seulong, and many more.

T-ara, less Jiyeon who was busy filming for Dream High 2, wowed the audience with their energetic dance moves and eye catching wardrobe. What i found weird was that Hwayoung’s camouflage-print top is clearly from Adidas. Wasn’t the aim of the fashion show to promote local brands? Not to mention military styled outer wear and leopard print is so last season.

SNSD also had two members absent. Yoona is currently in Japan with Jang Geun Suk, filming Love Rain, while Taeyeon is recovering from a toenail injury. Though I don’t generally agree with diamantes attached to clothing, the girls’ outfits were very well balanced by the J.ESTINA tiaras. The stylist also coordinated the muted colors excellently, giving the girls each a distinctive look while exuding elegance all together. Tiffany‘s white lacy blazer is especially eye catching.

It’s Big Bang! What more can i say? As T.O.P puts it WOW. Haha love Taeyang’s radish hair but I know Nic won’t agree to T.O.P’s leopard pants. Debatable.

The boys pulled off the graffiti jackets perfectly but they suspiciously resemble Adidas’ Zapatillas 2008, End to End 2007 & Jeremy Scott 2010 collection. Maybe the boys are trying to promote recycling in 2012?

Jung Joo Ri & Joon (MBLAQ) strutted down the catwalk together. The director’s a genius: the unexpected appearance of the comedic pair nearly made me forget about the horrible fashion. Contemporary vintage is cool. Clothes from under my grandparent’s moldy bed are not. The colors, the cut, the pattern and the styles … someone better get fired.

I’m still recovering from Joo Ri & Joon’s “fashion”.

Miss A looks good. (Visualises an image of Joon) Awesome! Beautiful!!! Spectacular~!

Seulong (2AM) definitely has a body fit for a model with those long legs and broad shoulders. However, the designer seemed indecisive as to whether he should play it safe or do something extravagant. The waterproof aqua jacket is light on the top but the black pants and carmine colored sneakers are very heavy. This combination doesn’t fuse together and instead appears awkwardly try-hard.

Hyomin T-ara is a very cute and charismatic model, providing numerous poses on the runway. I would buy the bag, it seems very wearable and suited for A4 sized paperwork, notebooks or laptop. Unfortunately, as a fashion show, the clothing and accessorizes were not up to scale. I just have one thing to say. Nude colored loose socks? Now everything else nude she’s wearing looks like they’ve been made out of socks… including her hair accessory.

Infinite. Nothing bad. Nothing good either.

Nine Muses always confuses me with the amount of girls they have… isn’t it ironic that they only have eight? Their futuristic flight attendants theme is very sexy and the silver boots do a great job at lengthening their legs. Perfect stage wear.

Secret did a wonderful job dressing up for this fashion concert. Lots of different fabrics and styles fused together through a black and red color scheme. I would’ve like a bit more color but I’ll make do with their different hair colors.

IU‘s choice of clothing is always quite nice and conservative. She is often wearing dresses that fit snugly around the upper body and puffy below, paired with a hair band. Her heels are SCORCHING! My favorite piece for this entire show.

MBLAQ is sure BLACK. But it’s understandable since that’s just their stage outfit for RUN. Watch their live performance for the song here and you won’t be caring about what they wear. Maybe the choreography is a bit too intense. Member Seung Ho wasn’t present due to back problems.

Conclusion… The Korean fashion industry has a long way to go in order to compete internationally. While the pieces separately seem wearable, the delivery of the outfits on stage wasn’t flattering  or original. If the k-pop guests looked like that on stage, I shudder to think what the other models were wearing.

Videos …

Which outfit did you like or hate the most? Let us know in the comments below ^^



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