Video of the Week: Kids React to K-pop

Everyone knows that kids are blunt. That’s why their opinions are so valued. Want to know if you’re fat? Go up to a random kid. If they ask you if your pregnant, then it’s time to diet.

Most of the time, I like honesty because it’s refreshing. However, when kids start saying things about Kpop like: ‘Wow, they’re like the Asian Rebecca Black‘….then….I start RAGING. This week’s Video of the Week is about just that! Be careful though, because watching it may make you want to break something 😛

My irrational reactions:

  • *sputters* What do you mean 2NE1’s copying Lady Gaga? You take that back kid! You take that back before I send you to the naughty corner!
  • Monologue at opinionated boy: “please stop talking. No really. Don’t speak. You’re the type of kid who I hated back in my school days.”
  • Thinking: “Did you to get paid to say these things? As in, was this scripted? Because your awfully insightful and observant for a 12 year old...”
  • Okayyy…what she said there was almost borderline racist…
  • *awwww* that little girl is so cute! I just want to pinch her cheeks!
Watch the video and let me know what you thought!



4 thoughts on “Video of the Week: Kids React to K-pop

  1. I wanted to slap that girl that called SUJU ugly. Then when they said pick their favorite or whatever and she said SuJu my reaction” You just called them ugly. …but we all know everyone secretly loves them”

    • haha I know what you mean 🙂 even though they’re kids I was thinking: ‘you’ll be SORRY SORRY for saying this!’ (haha get my lame joke :P)

  2. So they think American musics are better?American musics are mostly about drugs and you know…I love Kpop!Some Kpop makes me want to cry.some makes me want to Dance!and some makes me want to smile!

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