Quick Look: Nine Muses “TICKET”

Before I start this review, I have something to get off my chest. When I was reading the comments for the MV I saw a lot of ‘they’re copying SNSD‘ or ‘their outfit looks a lot like Mr.Taxi‘ or ‘it looks like Hoot‘. Ummm…What? Honeslty people, you need to stop and think: SNSD didn’t invent uniforms.

That aside, I actually hated the MV and the Song. Five reasons why:

Disappointment #1: The Dance

If the girls are directing traffic then I’m seriously worried. For a chorus that practically chanted: ‘one way, one way, one way ticket‘ the girls were pointing in all directions; so much so that I’m pretty sure they covered all 360 degrees of a circle. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice dance; it just didn’t match with the lyrics or the atmosphere of the MV in general.

Disappointment #2: The Storyline

The beginning of ‘Ticket‘ was so promising that I actually paused the video and went to get tissues. Alas, that was a waste of time because if there was a storyline, then I missed it. I guess that’s just the disadvantage of having so many members in the group; once each person gets screen time, the MV is pretty much over.

This might be a really small point, by inconsistencies in story lines really annoy me. Case in point, the ticket blows away from his suitcase at 2:45, only to magically re-appear in his hand at 3:08???

It's witchcraft!

Another random point: I’m not really sure why, but some parts of ‘Ticket’ reminded me of Super Junior’s ‘It’s You’. Although, ‘It’s You’ was much better produced.

Disappointment #3: The Waldrobe

To be honest, before I watched the MV I already hated Nine Muses. Why? because their legs probably come up to the height of my shoulders (yes, I acknowledge my jealousy and promise to fix it). After watching the MV though, I felt…relieved. Relieved because I didn’t have to wear their outfits, which were honestly so ugly and unflattering that…I wanted to thank the person that dressed them!!! Power to the short legged ladies everywhere!

Disappointment #4: The Song

The song was disappointing because it basically sounded like any other Kpop song. A bit too much repetition for my liking and vocals aren’t as strong as some other groups out there. At the moment, I feel like each member hasn’t developed her own distinct voice yet, which can make listening to the entire song a bit monotonous. They have potential though.

Disappointment #5: The Makeup

There’s something called Circle Lenses. Use them to avoid the ’empty eyed’ look. Sheesh! (okay, I’m in a really bad mood today).

What did you think of “Ticket”? Let us know in the comments below!

The MV for your enjoyment!



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