Audition Videos of Famous Idols

Idols aren’t Born. They’re Made.

Watch these young stars-to-be flaunt their “talent”. Majority of these auditions were unsuccessful applications. However, these idol-wannabes now make up the Korean entertainment we know today. Celebrity wannabes, persevere and you will succeed!

Yoona – SNSD

Ah~ some girls are just born skinny. I can’t even seem to laugh at her ridiculous outfit cause she’s so innocent here.

Tae Min – Shinee

Best moment was when all the other contestants next to Tae Min gave up dancing all together. Bow down to superiority!

Hara – Kara

Go Hara has auditioned for SM’s youth appearance and JYP Entertainment. She was also an online shopping mall model before she was discovered by DSP. I’m surprised she wasn’t discovered earlier with dance moves like those.


Her fringe makes her look like a cute country bumpkin ^^

Thunder – MBLAQ

Just when I though he couldn’t dance or sing, he shows off a handstand. Also, do i spot double eye lid surgery?

Lee Joon – MBLAQ

An acting and dancing auction! His character portrayal and haircut reminds me of Bruce Lee…

Hyorin – Sistar

While Hyorin won first prize in vocals for the audition, she was not picked as a JYP trainee. She looks quite mature here.

Shindong – Super Junior

Pleasantly surprised! Probably won the judges over through his humor and inventive dance choreography.

Park Bom – 2NE1

Love her unique voice. She auditioned for YG three years continuously, even after numerous rejections. You Go Girl!

Whose audition did you like the best? Leave your comments below! 🙂



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