Quick Look: Big Bang “FANTASTIC BABY”

on a serious note….When “Fantastic Baby” first came out, it was actually my least favourite song on the entire track list. After watching this MV? I AM IN LOVE! BOOM SHA KA LA KA!!

YG really spared no expense to produce this and it shows. Irony and symbolism were also used subtly throughout, but not so subtly that you completely missed the point of the video. Big Bang also gets bonus points because the MV actually tied in with the teaser photos released (unlike Super Junior’s Mr Simple).

on a lighter note….Okay, I have a really serious question for YG and anyone else who was/is/will be responsible for the production of Big Bang’s past/present/future music videos. When am I going to be able to see T.O.P’s abs? Really. In this MV, we have Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri bare chested. But T.O.P? Noooo, you put him in a fur coat instead. I’m sorry, were you trying your hardest to make him look like a rich white lady? or a yeti? *bangs head*

Game On!

There were a lot of manga and pop culture references, as well as abstractness throughout the MV. So let’s play a quick game of Big Bang vs. The Original. Let us know in the comments who won!

1) G-Dragon vs. Goku

2) T.O.P vs. Edward Cullen

3) G-Dragon vs. Volcano

4) And last but not least…my favourite: Taeyang vs. Constipation 

Here the music video for your enjoyment:

Tell us what you thought about “Fantastic Baby” and Big Bang’s new album in the comments below!



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