Big Bang on Running Man!

Even if you’re not a fan of Big Bang, you will definitely enjoy watching this episode of Running Man. Big Bang so rarely attends variety shows that it was a real treat to see all five boys together on the small screen. Throughout the entire show, we were truly touched by their boyish charms and genuine excitement for the game. However, Running Man is one of those shows where an idol’s ‘well-crafted image’ can be destroyed in seconds, so be prepared to see the downfall of Big Bang’s smooth charisma mwahahahaha.

If you haven’t yet watched it, here is the link (with eng sub):

SPOILER ALERT!!! What we thought of the show:




Best moment:

Renee: When Haha let G-dragon off. Oh I meant the first time! THANK YOU!!

Nic: Daesung and his scarf!!!!! OMG! Laughed my ass off! I think that he actually believed it would make him more inconspicuous….

Most awkward moment:

Renee: The most awkward moment for me was when tiger and giraffe got into a little itch fight ^^. Did anyone else notice the staff member leading giraffe away? On nation TV too … not cool.

Nic: the awkward moment when you find the perfect hiding spot…and the camera man gives you away. Below: G-Dragon may be hidden under the seat. But his camera man was obviously playing a different game…

Best performer:

Nic: the stand out member for me was Seungri. Even though he was the first to be eliminated, his lying skills and facial expressions nearly killed me. Pretending to be a spy? Oh Seungri, oh Seungri, where do you get you’re inspiration from? Genius!!!

Renee: Daesung! He got into the game really fast and provided plenty of laughs. “And you complain that i have small eyes…” LOL. It was also his idea not to leave any evidence (ie coupons) behind, so the opposing team wouldn’t know about their mission.

Failed performer:

Nic: I hate to say anything against my beloved T.O.P … but… he should probably never go on Running Man EVER AGAIN. Why? Because the show involves RUNNING, and from what I could see, T.O.P cannot run. At all.

Renee: Sorry T.O.P fans… i choose him as well. Not mentioning the penguin styled running, he can’t seem to hide or SEE either! Maybe it was those tight leather pants he was shuffling uncomfortably in, at the beginning of the show. Did they permanently damage a vital organ or something? And I don’t think he found any coupons…real or fake. 😛

We both cannot wait for the next episode of Running Man where Big Bang will surely be plotting their revenge. One cannot help but wonder how tasty this revenge will be, especially since both their image and pride were crushed in Round 1!


Renee & Nic

2 thoughts on “Big Bang on Running Man!

  1. T.O.P said he hadn’t been able to sleep in 2 days, so that’s probably why he was so inactive. But yeah, I thought the same thing.

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