Video of the Week!

Another week has gone by which means that we’ve been searching high and low on the internet for a video to bring to you guys.

This week we bypass tradition by approving two videos. Why? because they’re both just as entertaining and thought provoking haha! So let us take you back to the past with:

1) The Siwon ‘coke’ incident; and

2) Shindong’s Shirtless Dance – this one is for the Rain lovers out there because he dances to both ‘Bad Boy‘ and ‘Love Song‘.



Any thoughts? Personally I thought Siwon’s expression when he saw the camera was priceless hahahahaha. Someone should make it into a gif.

As for Shindong, he has a surprisingly good control of his fat. I sure can’t make my fat roll like that; it just tends to jiggle in one place instead.



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