I Swear I’m NOT Gay!

I was doing my usual sweep of Kpop news sites when I suddenly stumbled up the headline: ‘Junsu kisses a guy‘. Crossing my fingers and hoping that they were talking about 2PM’s Junsu instead, I slowly scrolled down.

Alas! it was my Xiah Junsu; eliciting from me the wail of a betrayed fan girl.

Luckily though, he is NOT gay. However, my fear made me reflect on the number of times ‘fan service’ and cross dressing has made me question the sexuality of a particular idol.


Jaejoong & Yunho – ‘Dangerous Love‘ was a real treat for their fans and marked the beginning for a new generation of Yunjae shippers. During the movie, there was an undeniable intensity between the two men, particularly the part where Yunho pushes Jaejoong up against a wall…and…*see picture below*.

Xiah Junsu – in his latest musical ‘Elizabeth‘ Xiah plays the role of ‘Death‘. His kiss to another man is therefore is symbolic of the ‘kiss of death‘. Technically speaking this can’t be considered gay since ‘Death’ by definition, has no gender (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Super Junior:

Siwon & Heechul – is it just me or does Heechul look like he’s enjoying this a bit too much?…..Siwon in particular, feels overly affection and tends touch everyone and everything during concerts.

The rest of Super Junior: although they don’t engage in skinship on the same level as Siwon and Heechul….well…the pictures pretty much speak for themselves…

Big Bang:

T.O.P & G-Dragon & Seungri – in various parodies. Again, I do not understand why they don’t have the budget to hire a female actress. And does it always have to be my beloved T.O.P that defames his lips? YG I want an explanation!


JongKey – I know that they were only eating a Pocky, but what happened after the screen went black, we can only speculate….

2AM & 2PM:

Remember the Dirty Eyed Girls? If you haven’t watched them, then you haven’t lived. Trust me, you will never feel the same way about about 2AM and 2PM every again. Although…I personally don’t get any gay vibes off them…okay, maybe only gay vibes off JoKwon.

So do you find ‘fan service’ hot? Or would you prefer your bias keep his lips to himself and toe the line at skinny jeans and man-liner instead? Let us know in the comments below!



18 thoughts on “I Swear I’m NOT Gay!

  1. When celebrities confirmed their real-life romance, I don’t panic and get jealous at all even if the guy is someone I really liked (so if ever LSG dates YOONA in real life, that would be the day I’ll welcome her with open arms!) but when I read news about this “cross-dressing thingy and same-sex locking lips of Kpop members”, I usually freaked out! I have nothing against gay people but I find “same-sex intimate gestures” disgusting if they show it on screen or in public. Stuff like “YAOI” never works on me!!!

    Well, blame it on my “not-so-open-minded self” . . . I don’t get it why there are fans who like this stuff. As for me, fan-service like this tainted the positive image I have for some K-pop groups. That’s also the reason why I find Korean indie bands more appealing than Kpop groups. I love SUJU but when they do cross-dressing or kissing, I have no choice but to close my eyes. *facepalm*

      • LOL! That cracked me up :p Believe it or not, such “act” didn’t ever cross my mind 😀 Hihihi . . . My mentality as a fangirl doesn’t stop there. I am a civilized and decent fan. I know that liking someone doesn’t mean I own him. ^^ I am obsessed with him but that doesn’t make me a delusional fan. Hehe 😀 I love him so much to the point that I will support who ever girl he dates. *bow*

      • @purple lee I’m glad to find another one of our kind hahahah. Some fans nowadays are really crossing the line when it comes to liking their biases.
        I would be holding a celebration among my circle of friends if ever Yoochun announces that he’s getting married haha.

    • “so if ever LSG dates YOONA in real life, that would be the day I’ll welcome her with open arms!)”

      Omo. You’re amazing! Kekeke.
      LSG and Yoong are NOW dating *hands down* ❤

  2. Junsu is so not kissing the guy…he’s sucking the hell out of him! Haha. I was actually surprised when he did that because I think of Junsu as a shy guy and I haven’t even seen him kiss a girl on a show or MV.

    YunJae..it’s fun shipping them, especially because even Jaejoong himself seems to be having a good time being shipped with Yunho haha. But when it goes overboard, it makes me cringe already. Haha.

    The whole SeGa parody of Big Bang was hilarious. At least TOP still manages to be so manly despite those ‘past experiences’ haha.

    Fanservices like this is fine, as long as they don’t do it a lot, that might mean something else already haha. And of course, as long as they’re having fun themselves, I’ll get away with that.

    • I was really surprised with Junsu’s kiss as well haha! But who knows how much kissing experience he’s had in the past, so maybe his technique needs refining 😛
      The great thing about fan service is that it’s one of those things that makes kpop..well..kpop. Although I’m not sure whether or not they’d be able to get away with it outside Korea haha
      And I agree, when it gets too cringe-worthy, I just fast forward the video

  3. I love yaoi fanservice! Especially from Kpop boys 🙂 I know some people really hate it but it’s not like they are actually gay XD And for me i would rather see my bias with one of his members than a girl XDDDDDDD (I know it sounds weird lol)

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