Quick Look: Big Bang’s “BAD BOY”

The Song & Video:

Bad Boy” has a surprisingly nice and mellow melody to it and, the chorus can easily be implanted into your head. However, the song itself is no way near the level of “Blue“, which was just pure musical genius. “Bad Boy” would make a nice ringtone though, especially the: ‘My lay lay lay lay lady, My lay lay lay lay lady‘ part. And who else agrees that G-Dragon’s groan at the beginning was really really sexy? (*rapes the replay button*)

The biggest problem I have with the MV though is the disjoint between the style of the song and that of the video. I feel like the video could’ve been dubbed with much edgier music and that it would’ve worked even better.

Also, one can’t help but wonder what Seungri did to offend YG; he barely appears in this MV and was pretty much absent from “Blue”.(???)

The Look:

Is YG undergoing some budget cuts? Hahahaha. If not, then why is Daesung wearing a shiny fishing vest?

Also, who else thinks that G-Dragon’s jacket in the first 10 seconds looks just like Taeyang’s jacket from “Tonight” stitched together with Sully’s fur?

The Logistics:

What I thought was “interesting” about the production of this video was the camera work. I’m not sure what effect YG was going for with all their low angle shots, but what really annoyed me was the number of times the camera was so low, Big Bang’s faces actually got cut off. Too many groin shots!

What could be improved:


For me this video was just of Taeyang demonstrating how NOT to do things:

Exhibit 1: Taeyang demonstrating the wrong way to apologise to a girl

Exhibit 2: Taeyang demonstrating the wrong way to cross a street

Exhibit 3: Taeyang demonstrating the wrong way to pray

And whose great idea was it to put him in a beanie that made him look bald half the time?


For me, “Bad Boy” was a bit of a disappointment. I can sum up the entire track in one word: uncoordinated. The title of the song didn’t really match the pace of the song, and the song itself didn’t reflect the style and feel of the MV. Hmmm…Maybe the purpose of “Bad Boy” is to lower our expectations just so that we’ll be blown away by Big Bang’s next track?

Check out the MV below!



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