Video of the Week: Se7en & Park Bom “When i can’t sing”

This week’s most talked about performance goes to Se7en’s When i can’t sing featuring 2NE1‘s Park Bom. Se7en’s new song has received much hype and is currently ranking top 10 on the Korean Billboards. Video and more about the song below!

Some info… The song has been garnering much attention for being the first music collaboration between YG and JYP and its inclusion in the popular drama Dream High 2. Se7en himself has been on hiatus for a year and a half, probably managing his chicken restaurant Yeolbong, dating his gorgeous actress girlfriend Park Han Byul (My Black Mini Dress), and … eating at his chicken restaurant.

The Happy Couple

Some scandal …

Park Bom’s bloated face in the performance raised speculation that she had gotten plastic surgery, again. But i don’t see how people can worry about that when she obviously could of died walking down those narrow stairs in her 9 inch heels.

When i can’t sing was originally made for G.O.D.‘s Son Ho Young. I wonder what happened? Brag: Me and Nic have seen Son Ho Young perform LIVE and near shirtless!

Celebrity Fans…

Seems like Park Bom isn’t the only 2NE1 member loving the song. Sandara Park has also uploaded her parody of Se7en on her twitter account and tweeted

“I want to ask you these questions.. Oo woh oo woh! Even if I can’t do aegyo anymore.. Even if I can’t wear short skirts anymore.. If I don’t act abnormal anymore.. And even when I turn 30 soon.. Will you still be able to love me for who I am..?!? ^.^”

Sean Ro of old school hip hop duo Jinusean also parodied the song and dedicated it to his wife Jung Hae Young. He tweeted:

“Even if I can’t ‘hip hop’~ Even if I don’t wear Nike shoes~ If I no longer wear New Era hats and stop preparing suprises~ Will you be able to love me for me. Sean’s remix. “When I Can’t Hip Hop”.

Thats all folks. But if you’re a die hard fan, check out Se7en and JY Park‘s joint stage for When i Can’t Sing. I sure hoped i didn’t. JY Park is a superb pianist, producer and CEO but he’s just not suited for the camera. Also, I don’t ever see SM or YG’s CEOs coming out and releasing their own albums and mincing onstage. One can’t have it all.

Okay, I’m just going to randomly butt in and throw in my two cents before I slink back to my cave. Did anyone else feel like there were some precarious moments where the camera was filming upwards and Park Bom was on top of that platform? I felt like the cameraman almost wanted to get an upskirt shot. And although I said it once, I’ll say it again: Se7en, clearly your talents lie elsewhere. I mean you could totally audition for the New York ballet with that last dance sequence.” – Nic



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