Quick Look: Rainbow “Gonna Gonna Go” MV

On a serious note… The promotional video was just released in Japan hours ago. Gonna Gonna Go! is Rainbow’s third Japanese single and first Japanese original, and is scheduled to be released on March 14th.

On a lighter note… The white suits with shorts and knee high boots seem appropriated from SNSD’s Mr Taxi/Genie wardrobe. But then again, what haven’t SNSD worn between all of them in the 5 years since their debut.

The choreography…  Ok now I’m sure the crew for Gonna Gonna Go has simply just ran out of ideas. The hitting thigh move is old and recycled from Rainbow’s previous song A. I want to lose thigh fat as well but i keep my hitting at home! Both songs also have futuristic white backgrounds.

Left: Gonna Gonna Go, Right: A

Another uncanny resemblance i found was the bubble scene. I know no one can’t use bubbles simply After School Blue has used them for Wonder Boy … just meant that Gonna Gonna Go lacks innovation.

The improvements… The focus on leader Kim Jae Kyung present in Gossip Girl and A music videos is gladly lessened. KJK is of course beautiful and talented but the other girls aren’t bad and deserve the extra screen time.

What could’ve made it better… In the polka dot room, the girls should of worn a different colored dress to contrast from the background and previous white wardrobe. While the dress was very nice and gave the girls a swan like appeal, black would’ve given off a better effect.

The work cubicles lay forgotten after the first 10 seconds. Use of the lights above the cubicles more than once could add more dimension to the scene.

Verdict… Not their best music video or song but maybe the Japanese will like it.

Type A Track List

1, Gonna Gonna GO!
2, Hello
3, Gonna Gonna GO! (Instrumental)

1, Gonna Gonna GO! (Music Clip)
2, Gonna Gonna GO! (Dance Shot Ver.)
3, Gonna Gonna GO! (Music Clip Off-shoot

Type B Track List

1, Gonna Gonna GO!
2, Hello
3, Gonna Gonna GO! (Instrumental)

Extras: Special 28-page photo book.

Type C Track List

1, Gonna Gonna GO!
2, Hello
3, Gonna Gonna GO! (Instrumental)
4, Hoi Hoi (Bonus Track)



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