The Power of Makeup: A Pictorial

In Asian society, an important piece of advice that mothers often give to their sons is to take their girlfriend swimming at some point in the relationship. Studies from gossip circles have shown that such precautions significantly reduce the likelihood of a heart attack after the couple is married. Why is this so? The answer lies in the power of makeup.

Below are Before and After pictures, taken from a popular Taiwanese makeup show. It is a prime example of how makeup can drastically change a woman’s appearance.

Although one third of me feels ill at the objectification of these women and the other third feels indignant at their narcism, the rest of me is screaming:TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS! TEACH ME!!!’

Moving across to South Korea, below are the Before and After Makeup Photos of some of Korea’s hottest Celebrities:

Now, I love CL, but sans makeup she looks … what’s the word..what’s the word…oh right…UGL…I mean…DIFFERENT. When 2NE1 released their hit song ‘Ugly‘, many people made comments along the lines of ‘if they’re ugly then I’m an ogre‘. Hmmm…Still think so?

Although the ‘before’ photo is one taken from Goo Hara’s teenage years, no one goes through puberty and ends up looking like she does now (unless you’re Neville Longbottom). I mean, all I did during puberty was gain weight and get darker.

4minute’s Jihyun looks really pretty with a bare face! But honestly, would her parents even recognise her made up?

And some more examples:

SNSD’s Jessica:

After School’s Nana:

Wonder Girl’s Sohee:

T-ara’s Jiyeon:

Now you’re probably thinking WTF! Makeup is totally distorting the hunting ground and making victims out of innocent men! And I agree, to an extent. On the other hand though, I believe that men who are superficial enough to like a woman for her looks alone, probably deserve to be ‘tricked’ as such lalalala.



In case you’re curious how the make up is applied, this video provides a pretty good tutorial:

5 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup: A Pictorial

  1. Ha! I agree. I mean, true, looks do give you a good first impression, but a man should ultimately love you for what’s inside! 🙂 Good post! Thanks! Btw, I really like Jiyeon’s downcasted eyes. They look so innocent.

  2. It’s hard to know whether to feel better or discouraged. On one hand, it’s comforting to know celebrities don’t actually look like that either. On the other hand, there goes my (hopeless) dream of naturally perfect skin.

    • Always choose to Feel better haha! 🙂 And don’t worry, despite all the talk about airbrushing, photoshop and makeup I still think that perfect (or at least really healthy skin) is doable. Some of my friends have naturally perfect skin and sometimes i just stare at them with envy 😀

  3. Seeing these pictures makes me so happy… the celebs (who seem so perfect on-screen) are imperfect/flawed people just like us commoners! In fact, I bet some of us ‘commoners’ are a LOT better looking naturally than the celebs! I dont think any of these celebs are ‘ugly’ (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I’d hate for my eyes to hold anything but beauty). But they look a lot more like ‘people’ without makeup, like they’re among us :). I wish celebs wore makeup less often… why make the rest of us feel bad with all that fakeness?!

    Great articles, by the way! Just reading through stuff on your site and all your articles are so interesting! Very fun to read!

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