List of Richest Korean Idols (Part 1)

To make it easier for all you gold diggers out there, below is a list of the Top 5 Richest Idols (by income), as well as info about their ideal types. I suggest that you get them while they’re still single and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT agree to sign a pre-nup. So who exactly should you be pursing? 

1) G-Dragon, 2) Lee Seung Gi,  3) IU, 4) Jang Geun Suk, 5) Kim Hyun Joong

1. G-Dragon

At only 23 years of age, Big Bang’s G-Dragon tops the list of highest earning idols. G-Dragon is a recording artist, song writer, producer and model, with a large proportion of his income coming from royalties. This boy has 107 registered tracks under his name (which will provide both of you with very stable source of income *wink*).

G-Dragon’s path to glory hasn’t been easy though. He began his career at the age of 8, but after his contract was suddenly terminated, he vowed that he would never become a singer. However, he spent the next 5 years training at SM Entertainment, before moving to his current agency, YG Entertainment. His first year as a trainee involved cleaning the studio and fetching water bottles for other idols.

Relationship status: Single – but there are many people who want him with Dara from 2NE1.

Ideal type: someone who can teach him in areas that he’s not familiar with (such as cooking). He also wants someone who he feels comfortable with and who doesn’t act fake around him. G-Dragon is too shy to approach a girl that he likes so he usually gets fellow bandmate Seungri to do it for him.

Find out more about him at his official site here.

2. Lee Seung Gi

25 year old Lee Seung Gi and is an actor, a singer and has been a variety show host on all of the major TV networks in Korea. In 2011, he is estimated to have earned $7.5 million from CF/advertisements alone, and another $2.4 million from dramas and music.

In addition to having a charming and playful character, Lee Seung Gi is also clever. He is well known for being a smart and responsible student and has a degree in International Trade and Commerce from Dongguk University. And did I mention that he also has abs?

Singer                                                      Host                                             Actor

Relationship status: Single – but he can’t date openly because it will affect his popularity

Ideal type: Lee Seung Gi’s ideal woman is Yoona from SNSD and he also likes ‘females who take care of others’. He’s had 2 girlfriends previously and believes the lyrics that a girl would want to hear are ‘I will love you more than your ex-boyfriend or any other guy’. This is because he thinks that a guy should accept you for everything, including the things that happened in your past (aww! isn’t that sweet?).

Check out his official website here.

3. IU

IU is only 18 years old and is popularly known as Korea’s ‘little sister’. She hit success following the release of her album ‘Growing up‘ in 2009 and acting in the popular drama ‘Dream High‘. IU was also ranked as the 5th top female idol for celebrity endorsements in 2011.

IU is the ‘ideal type’ of many men in the entertainment industry, including actor Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Dong Wook and UKiss’ Dongho.

Relationship status: Single, but she’s probably too young for you.

Ideal type: her ideal type is Taeyang from Big Bang. (OMG she has bad taste in men). IU says that she doesn’t like attractive guys, but instead, she likes guys who are passionate about what they do and who are hard workers. She is also the jealous type, so boys, you’d better only have eyes for her!

4. Jang Geun Suk

At the age of 24, Jang Geun Suk has reached the level of popularity where over 25 different companies have used him to endorse their products. He is best known for his role in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and has released albums in both China and Japan. In 2007, Jang Geun Suk was ranked #3 in Mnet’s 100 Must Have Males.

Check out the opening theme for ‘You’re Beautiful’:

Relationship status: Single

Ideal type: Jang Geun Suk likes women who have a feminine beauty such as actress Soo Ae. However, be careful if you choose to date him because he often gets mistaken for a girl. When asked about this, he said: “When I walk on the street and suddenly look behind me, I used to find out that men, who were following me were surprised to realize that I was a man.”

5. Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is aged 25 and stands at 181cm tall. He was the leader of SS501, and his popularity soared after acting as Yoon Ji Hoo in ‘Boys over Flowers‘. Today, he endorses a huge number of products, ranging from Samsung to The Face Shop.

Despite his good looks and his wealth I do have to warn you girls, he’s Blood Type B. According to Korean people, those with blood Type B tend to make ‘poor marriage choices’ because they have unpredictable and unstable personalities (so have the number of a good divorce lawyer handy just in case).

Some interesting facts about him:

  • His family didn’t want him to pursue his dream of being a singer so one day he just left home. Even now, his relationship with his dad is extremely awkward and he has to ask his brother to pass money to his family for him.
  • He didn’t really audition. When he picked up his guitar and was getting ready to sing, the man took one look at him and told him to ‘come back the next day no matter what’.
  • He likes reading adult comic books.
Watch this hilarious video of him on family outing:

Relationship status: Single

Ideal type: in the past, Kim Hyun Joong’s ideal types have been Honey Lee, Krystal from f(x) and the one and only Sexy Queen of Korea: Lee Hyori. His ideal type is a bit messed up since he also confesses to liking figure skating champion Kim Yuna as well.

To read the full list of Top 20 idols, and see whether or not you’re favourite made it on, click here.

And stay tuned for Part 2! Top 10 Richest Second Generation Idols!

Part 2 now out here.



32 thoughts on “List of Richest Korean Idols (Part 1)

  1. woow ..little over the top with IU’s choice Taeyang(bad taste in men)…wat do u mean?U think u got something better to say for urself??!!!

  2. what do you mean obout ‘bad taste’….
    IU’s ideal type are taeyang…what’s wrong about that…??? he is a tallented guy…

  3. But what about Hyun Bin and Bi Rain? I know that they are in the army now, but they still are considered idols, for old and new fan’s generations also… still… I enjoyed your articles… You’re pretty good, so Keep UP with the good work!

  4. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance. I must say you have done a excellent job with this. Additionally, the blog loads very fast for me on Safari. Exceptional Blog!

  5. Where do these guys get the information or data regarding their income… is it based on album selling and number of fans…??

  6. Wouldn’t you think that JYJ members would have more wealth than some of the celebrities you listed? Although they are banned, they do extremely well and pretty much what they touch becomes gold.

  7. Thank you for including my ultimate bias in here 😀 Jang geun suk is definitely a Must Have Male!! but taeyang is actually the sweetest thing, don’t think he’s a bad choice at all…but there’s some to add to the list to keep up with the rising stars and the…income 😀 thanks though^^

    • Yeah ! and i thought of JKS is the richest because of his self-producing right ?? 🙂
      Sukkie Oppa ! Eel here ! 🙂

  8. in what rate you can say that Taeyang is bad? he is sexy and overwhelmingly talented!! and he didn’t do any plastic surgery!

  9. The funniest thing is that seungki, iu and hyunjoong do a lot of variety shows and acting but they still can’t beat a kid who only does music, GD is really jjang!

  10. Hey girl! This is two years later, but Lee Seung Gi is now dating his ideal type, they went public with it less than two weeks ago!

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