Chinese Dramas that take me back to Childhood…

As a young girl growing up in a Western Country, Chinese dramas were a staple of my childhood years. Every fortnight my parents and I would go to one of those dodgy Chinese DVD shops and rent a new drama to watch. For someone who was struggling with the English language, these shows could make me laugh, cry, sulk and dream in ways that Western TV never could. Below are some of the dramas that I grew up with and I hope that looking at them will make you feel a bit nostalgic too:

1. Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Princess Pearl)

Huan Zhu Ge Ge was to Asians what Disney Princesses were to white kids. As a child, I lapped up every episode, fantasising myself as either Xiao Yan Zi or Zi Wei. I was also head over heals in love of one of the male leads (in fact, he was probably my first crush).

2. Qing Sheshen Yu Mengmeng (Romance in the Rain)

This drama had the same cast as Huan Zhu Ge Ge (and so I just had to watch it). I remember that the most horrifying scene was the first episode when the main character got whipped by her dad. What I took from the drama though, was the importance of courage, fidelity, beauty and love during life’s most difficult times. Remember the theme song?

3. Liu Xing Hua Yuan (Meteor Garden)

Meteor Garden was the drama that made me believe in romance. Remember how cool F4 was?? And how hot Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei) was??? *dies* Once the dvd was on, I would pretty much just snuggle up on the couch, and wouldn’t even move unless it was to get some food (gua zi) or to go to the toilet.

Listening to the opening song brings back sooo many memories!

4. Feng Yun (Xiong Ba Tian Xia) (Wind and Cloud)

As a child I adored Wu Shu (fighting) movies, particularly the ones with hot guys and pretty girls who kicked ass. I adored the ending credits of this drama (see video). My mum would always want to skip it so that we could quickly get the next episode but I made her watch it with me anyway.

5. The New Adventures of Chor Lau-Heng (Chu Liuxiang)

The first time I watched this drama I absolutely hated it because the main character Chu Liuxiang went through three girls before he finally found his true love. The first one died, he left the second one and the third one left him for another man. He finally ended up with the ugliest and plainest girl of the lot. To this day, my opinion has not changed.

This was my favourite couple. I swear I was depressed for days when she left him for another guy.

On reflection, it’s no wonder that I have issues now. I mean, the dramas I were into pretty much speak for themselves. 

What were some of your favourite childhood dramas?




2 thoughts on “Chinese Dramas that take me back to Childhood…

  1. Growing up in Singapore, Huan Zhu Ge Ge was every girl’s childhood! I was smitten by Fu Er Kang, although I can’t imagine why now… I was a liu xing hua yuan fangirl too! Vic Zhou!!! Ahhh memories :’)

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