Best Kpop MVs for Feb (#10 – #6)

This month at Chienna, we review the 10 Hottest MVs for February. Below are the MVs that ranked from #6 to #10. Did your favourite make the list?

10. Dal Shabet – Hit U (feat. Bigtone)

The strong and upbeat track talks about rejecting a bipolar ex-lover. Member Jiyul is the main female lead and astonished me with her uncanny resemblance to T-ara’s Eunjung in the music video. The group overall did a great job with the song vocally but the choreography and wardrobe seemed recycled. The pistols and shooting were unanticipated but surprising satisfying, even more so because the blood was pink. Felt like they were playing paint ball and killing at the same time. Worked perfectly!

9. Teen Top – Crazy

I’ve been avoiding Teen Top after watching their Supa Luv music video. I was expecting a laugh at the weird named group and even weirder song name. But, it wasn’t funny. I saw the danger signs of becoming a pedo and retreated as fast as I could. So, it struck me by surprise when this music video randomly popped up on Youtube. The boys sure are flexible with their pelvic and waists! 17 year old Niel is especially talented with his husky yet powerful voice and overflowing charisma. Lovely cinematography. Retreat!

8. Park Jae Bum – Know Your Name (feat. Dok2)

The ex-leader of 2PM is doing great for himself, releasing two music videos for Know Your Name. The shot with multiple Jay Parks in black suits against a white background symbolizes small beings of existence. The camera then moves back to focus on only one Jay and creeps down below his red sneakers to show his distinctive style. Pure GENIUS! It seems like Jay is trying to distinguish himself. But Jay Park has to realize that he no longer is a b-boy and now a solo artist. His voice is nice but not distinctive enough for me to listen to the song again. With the acoustic version, I can tell he’s singing the lyrics with all he’s got, but it doesn’t sound heart felt.

7. Ailee – Heaven

Ailee has sung this song wonderfully and I simply adore her unique voice!! “Heaven” is written and produced by Wheesung, who just recently enlisted in Korean military. At first the music video reminded me of Beyonce’s Halo but the ending is quite unexpected. BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang also makes a surprise cameo appearance. Listen to it.

6. Block. B – (Nanrina)

Wow. I have one word for this music video.


I hope they don’t disband because of the Thailand incident! Love the shirt flapping and gorilla choreography. Even the wardrobe is hot and works out. When I was viewing it, I didn’t even once ponder if they were younger than me or not. Heart their sound and would love to hear this song played at a club.

Haha and Nic is right! The beginning does sound like Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back.



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