Best Kpop MVs for Feb (#1 – #5)

This month at Chienna, we review the 10 Hottest MVs for February. Below are the MVs that ranked from #1 to #5. Read to find out who made it to the #1 spot!!

1) FT Island “Severely”

What the MV was about in one sentence: a boy gets the chance to go back in time to save his girlfriend, only to die himself.

Now, I don’t want to accuse FT Island of plagiarism, but I am curious as to where the idea for the MV came from. I mean, it couldn’t possibly have come from or 2AM’s ‘you won’t answer my calls’ or even JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’? However, my motto is, if your going to steal someone else’s idea, the least that you can do is make it better; and i think this time FT Island may have done just that.

2) Se7en “When I can’t sing”

What the MV was about in one sentence: Se7en feels burden by his popularity (lol).

I had quite high hopes for his MV because it was the first collaboration between entertainment giants YG and JYP. And JYP certainly doesn’t disappoint; mentioning himself within the first 30 seconds of the song.

For me, the MV ‘chopped and changed’ a bit too much and therefore, the atmosphere got messed up as well. It starts with a portrayal of Se7en’s hectic life (i.e. how he’s pursued by fans everywhere, has no privacy etc.), but at the halfway point he suddenly becomes the invisible man. The MV then fades to black, with Se7en executing an ‘eww..’ dance sequence: it was a cross between failed Kung Fu and crazy person spasms (clearly this was JYP’s input).

3) Davichi “Will think of you”

First 1:30 minutes of the MV was just them talking…. In Korean…. I don’t understanding Korean…

What I will say though is that this song is absolutely beautiful and Davichi’s voice is just….*thinking thinking*…..BEYOND PERFECT! I wanted to be annoyed at them for the MV (which basically just showed the making of the song) but I was too busy dying over their voices to even notice how boring it was.

4) T-ara “Lovey-Dovey”

So I cheated and watched the short version of this MV, because the full version was more than 20 minutes long. The dance for this song can be summed up in one word: shuffling.

Okay, the beginning of this MV officially scared me. But then the music came on and you know, I got my grove on. The chorus is super catchy: ‘l-l-lo-lovey dovely’ *bounce bounce* ‘l-l-lo-lovey dovely‘.

However, just when I thought things were sane again, zombies start coming out of nowhere (WTF?). Now I have three problems this: 1) zombies do not exist, 2) if they did exist, wouldn’t human nature dictate that you run instead of powering on with a dance for 3 minutes, and 3) why the hell do the T-ara girls look so good, even after being attacked by zombies???

Renee just told me that one of the girls flashed her boob during a performance of this song (haha). Watch it:

5) Sunny Hill “The Grasshopper Song”


The MV is beautifully executed and so well planned and so full of symbolism I just want to kiss the person that produced it! The song may mean different things to different people, but for me it speaks about someone earning to experience something more than just the monotony of everyday life.

The melody and composition of the song itself however, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There were also quite a few costume changes and epileptics definitely should not watch this because there’s a lot of flashing.

So do you agree or disagree with February’s Top 5 ? Let us know in the comments below!



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