5 Steps to Becoming a “Flower Boy”

Flower boy (n): a Korean “pretty boy”. e.g. “wow! Jaejoong is such a flower boy”

If you want to get the look, this easy 5 Step guide will take you from being a wallflower to a fully bloomed flower boy in no time!

Step 1: Wax, wax, wax. Everyone knows that the most unsightly thing you could ever see on a korean male is armpit hair. This rule applies even more strictly to flower boys. In fact, wax both your arms and legs, and of course, don’t forget to shave! The only hair you should be keeping is the hair on your head, which should be softer than kitten hair.

Step 2: Say yes to pink. As a flower boy, your number 1 goal is to incorporate as much pastel pink as you can into your attire. The trick is to wear enough pink to let people see your inner flower, but not so much that you look gay.  Shades of pink to say yes to: baby pink, pale pink, light pink, pastel pink, peachy pink. Shades of pink to avoid: hot pink. Also, do not be afraid to shop in the female section of the department store.

Clever ways to incorporate Pink into your look

Step 3: Accessorise. Just like a flower is adorned with petals, a flower boy must also adorn himself with various charms. Buying yourself a murse (man purse) is a must. Other things you may need include bow ties, bow hats, stylish bag packs, phone charms, oversized glasses or even a shoulder pal! Repeat after me: a plain flower boy is a fail flower boy.

Cute and cuddly accessories are the way to go!

Step 4: Be malnourished. Have you ever seen a fat flower? No? Well neither have I. That’s because they don’t exist. In order to be a proper flower boy, you need to be as ‘thin as a stem‘ because ‘skinny as a stick’ is just not good enough. How else are you going to fit into those size (- 2) skinny jeans? Remember, you’re an flower boy, not a tree boy.

Step 5: Open your eyes wide and smile. A flower boy must have a killer smile. But unlike most Asians whose eyes become non existent when they smile, a flower boy’s eyes must get bigger. Practice opening you eyes and smiling in front of the mirror. Try out a cute wink or a salute if you’re feeling daring!

A + Flower Boy pose

Please don’t take the above seriously. 



4 thoughts on “5 Steps to Becoming a “Flower Boy”

  1. Hi 🙂
    This article seriously cracked me up!
    I’m soooo happy that I found this blog!
    Good luck in the future, you guys really
    deserve a lot of credit! 😀

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