K-Idols that would be good at SEX

This edition of 18+ only presents you with a list of the male k-pop idols I believe would ‘blow your mind’ in bed (..fail Mr.Simple joke…)

Why Rain would be good at sex: because practice makes perfect

This boy’s clearly comfortable in the bedroom and one can’t help wonder if his one armed push up in ‘Love Song’ was inspired by a well used sex position.

Why TOP would be good at sex: because the man is pretty much sex on a stick 

If there was ever a man who could give you an orgasm with a single glance, that man would be T.O.P. Overflowing with charisma, a vulnerable sexy smoulder and a rich deep voice that’ll shoot shivers down your spine (and tingle other places as well), T.O.P has the looks, the confidence and the experience to deliver some quality action. According to fellow bandmate Seungri, T.O.P has ‘strong hips’ which is pretty much a Korean allusion to being ‘good in bed’.

OMG I just want to make that boy groan. But it’s not just the looks, TOP has the emotional side covered as well. When asked what his relationship style was, T.O.P replied that he ‘tends to lose all reason and go all-in‘ and that he wants ‘a girl who loves with all her heart‘.

oh my lord just take me now!

It has often been said that it’s not how big your ‘stick’ is, but it’s how well you use it that counts. All I can say that if T.O.P uses his ‘stick’ as effectively as he uses his eyes, then ladies, you’ll be in for a whole lot of pleasure.

Why Hyun Bin would be good at sex: because a considerate lover is a good lover

I get the feeling that Hyun Bin wouldn’t just be good at sex, he’ll be the type who’ll give you a back rub afterwards, spoon you to sleep and wake you up the next morning with breakfast in bed. When the exciting of ripping clothes and doing it on the kitchen counter dies off, what all girls need is a lover who is caring, considerate and puts your needs ahead of his own. ‘That Man’ is Hyun Bin (…fail Secret Garden joke…).

Why Xiah would be good at sex: hip thrusts…Nuff said

This guy’s hip thrusts are seriously hot enough to impregnate me through the internet.  On top of that, he also seems have mastered a variety of pelvic motions (fast, circular, slow and sensual)…. Check out this fancam of his sexy thrust:
If you’re trying to staunch your nose bleed after that video, then you probably shouldn’t turn 180 degrees to perv on his firm, taunt, bubble butt. Even Yunho said that the sexiest part of Xiah was quote: ‘his butt‘. And if you ever end up fathering children with him, then all I have to say is that he’s good with the kids too (see video at bottom of page).

Why Dennis Oh would be good at sex: because he’ll satisfy your fantasises of sleeping with Daniel Henney

Where’s my Vibrator….

I think that every girl in the world has fantasied about sleeping with Daniel Henney during his glory days. However, age and gravity have taken effect and he now looks like someone’s dad. Sex fantasies forever destroyed.

Daniel Henney (Present Day)

Thank the Lord that he also created Dennis Oh: Daniel Henney’s hotter and younger doppleganger. Even if Dennis Oh’s impotent, him + a vibrator is better than saggy & wrinkly Daniel Henney any day.

Why Seungri would be good at sex: because the young have stamina

Seungri may be the youngest member of Big Bang but he certainly isn’t the least experienced (if these photos are anything to go by). Seungri’s fun loving image is characterised by his boyish charm and energetic disposition; and one can’t help but speculate that he’ll bring the same charm and energy to the bedroom.

And you guys seriously need to watch this Youtube clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMzJjJeNDIs&feature=fvwrel

Why Changmin & Yunho would be good at sex: um…well they are Gods…

For me, sleeping with Changmin or Yunho (or both) would be the ultimate triumph. Simply because you’ll be living out the dream of fan girls worldwide. The satisfaction of knowing you’re breaking so many hearts is probably better than a orgasm any day.

Left (Changmin after sex)…Right (Yunho taking his shirt off in preparation for sex)

In fact, I just want to be in an Changmin & Yunho sandwich with both of them pressing their smooth hard abs all over me. Although Yunho is rumoured to have really bad B.O, so maybe it’ll just be Changmin pressing himself all over me.

Why U KISS’ Eli would be good at sex: because variety is the key to a successful sex life

One older sister and one younger sister means that he’ll definitely know how to treat a woman. Eli’s also fluent in three languages: English, Mandarin and Korean. This means that he has can express his pleasure in many different languages and probably has a wide repertoire of sexual tricks sourced from diverse parts of the world.

Why 2PM’s Chansung would be good at sex: he isn’t known as ChanSLUT for nothing

Chansung - God of the Bedroom

There’s a certain appeal in a man who is so confident in his looks and his body, that he’s almost a borderline narcissist. The guy also has a wicked sense of humour, which means he’ll probably be quite naughty in the bedroom (…spanking anyone?…)

So ladies if you want him, step in line and ‘put your hands up’ ;).



If you want to know where I got my facts from or if you just want to see a couple more videos:

T.O.P mentioning his relationship style:


‘Strong hips’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN1NxisN1YQ&feature=related

T.O.P “Turn it up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdPnMoxKOWY&ob=av2e

Yunho talking about Xiah’s butt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex9Ciwn3RKQ

Xiah’s cuteness with kids:


5 thoughts on “K-Idols that would be good at SEX

    • Because i speak too often about Rain, Nic probably developed a natural resistance against his hotness. Or i could go for the good friend argument and say that she is doing me a favor by not pricking at my healing scars. What good will remembering him do when he is still in the military? 😉

      xx R

  1. That article is so funny ! ^^

    I’m kinda afraid to read your second article “Idol who would fail at sex” … =)

  2. Daniel still hot.. maybe he dont resort to plastic surgery.. for me he is a great actor and son to his parents.. and i wonder why some Korean actors they get old easily with their looks.. is it the price of plastic surgery?

  3. I’d choose an experienced Daniel Henney to any other man, any day. I’d love to see what these guys would compare to to the rest of the famous men in the world. I highly doubt they’d even be on that list lol.

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