Fashion Review: 2012 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

On February 22nd 2012, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards was held for the first time at Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul. Many stars rocked up in their best outfits to celebrate the night … but some decided to wear their worst instead…


The good… They won’t catch colds.

The bad …. For the sake of all those animal lovers out there, I really hope that the boys’ outfits are made out of synthetic. Not only that, this pursuit of fashion would totally make any animal sacrificed die in vain. Leather or shiny black pants only compliment wearers with long, skinny and straight legs. And, no matter how much in-soles the guys are wearing, it’s just not enough to fight against god’s will. Moreover, instead of extending the legs, the black military boots make their calves look fat and short and the long jackets make their bodies look even more disproportionate.

What could make it better … A little more contrast or color.

A Pink

The good … They were one of the better dressed girl groups and should be applauded for braving Seoul’s cold winter to bring a fresh look to the stage.

The bad …. The color combination matches between the members so they give a uniform autumny and sweet feeling. On closer inspection however, only every alternate dress seems suitable for an award ceremony. Which three is border lining acceptable? I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

What could make it better … The 2nd and 6th girl, from the left, should change dresses. Muscular thighs suit waist clinched dresses. Sorry, I don’t know their names! Their hairstyles are different in their profiles and one member is missing.


The good … Lovely Dress!! Color, print and style really complement her youthful image. The prefect dress for IU. I like how she managed to keep everything else simple so it doesn’t become messy and the focus remains on the dress.

The bad … Maybe she kept everything else a little too simple and a little pink.

What could make it better … Possibly a bright turquoise plastic bangle. I would recommend the Louis Vuitton Farandole Bangle (above) to add a little bit of class and bring out the turquoise undertones in the print.

Girls Day

The good … ummmm. It’ll come to me … wait hold on a second… squints eye. Well the girls are trying their best and I’m sure it’s cold!

The bad … That has got to be the cheapest looking dresses I’ve ever seen! Just bits of cloth bought at the local store, cut and stitched together in minutes. The hair looks overnight and partied in. Christmas holidays are in 10 months everyone!

What could make it better … Change your stylist, girls, or your manager. Or both. Hurry!

Son Eun Seo

The good … Another stunning dress and very well groomed. The belt not only accentuates Son Eun Seo’s figure, the rhinestones add a third dimension to the dress. Also she’s holding a pretty black clutch which contrasts nicely with the white and bright colours! A rarity at this particular event.

The bad… I have nothing to say.

What could make it better… Guys might dislike the diamond ring on the right hand.

Wonder Girls

The good… Its Wonder Girls!! Happy just to seem them again. Also, it doesn’t look like they all used the same bottle of hair dye! *Coff* A Pink (even their outgrowth look approximately the same length)

The bad… Bit plain. Looks like what employees generally wear in retail. Yenny and Sunmi’s leggings look a size too small. There’s an uneven distribution of fabric over the thighs. Yesh

What could be better … I miss their genuine smiles.


The good… Love their smiles!

The bad… A tad messy and I can’t seem to grasp what the concept is. Outfits not really suitable for a music award ceremony but maybe the after-party.

What could make it better… They’d have to change their whole outfits but all is forgiven with their bright smiles and hand waves. Haha even their heads tilt in the same angle and direction.

Kim Bo Kyun

The good … Sexy shoes!

The bad … I think she accidentally got the Halloween invite instead.

What could make it better … Nothing actually. Her outfit made me smile and she’s getting mentions in numerous newspapers. What more could a woman what?

Super Junior

The good… I heard Siwon saved someone at the ceremony and one of the better dressed male groups that night. Smart and casual.

The bad… Shindong looks like a proud dad posing with his adolescent children.

What could make it better… Would prefer another one or two members to have shades of blue. Maybe a blue rose in a front pocket or a funny blue shoes.

Kim Yoo Jung

The good… I like the dress’s cut and sleeves. The “scales” accentuate the child actress’s blooming curves.

The bad… The dress has buttons sewn everywhere! No jewelry, clutch, nice hair or heels.

What could make it better… Time. Well she is only twelve so stilettos are probably not a good idea.


The good … The glitter peeking out in Kang Min Kyung‘s dress and Lee Hae-Ri‘s feathers make the duo look like dark angels.

The bad … Nothing evidently bad.

What could make it better … Details like nail art or a clutch. KMK could do with a bracelet and LHR could do with some dark red nail polish that match her lipstick.


The good… I like the red satiny jackets. Cut and style are quite flattering and adds a bit of fun to the formality of the event. Also, i spot glittery knee stripes on their pants.

The bad … Each individual’s outfit is not bad but they’re a group. Too much bright red and it hurts my eyes just looking at them.

What could make it better … To complement each other and the jackets, one member should wear all black and another with only a dash of red (for e.g satin handkerchief in front pocket).

You’re most welcome to leave your comments and let us know what you think personally of these red carpet appearances!



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