10 Signs You’re a Kpop Addict….

1) When you try to say ‘I’m sorry’, but end up singing ‘sorry sorry sorry sorry….naega naega naega….’ instead

2) You become bilingual and start calling every male older than you ‘Oppa

3) You understand the power of the ‘ANTI – FAN

4) You suddenly get double eyelids

5) You become fluent in Engrish: Fantastic Fantastic, Elastic Elastic

6) You start a Kpop blog

7) You’ve thought about auditioning for SM Entertainment

8) You won’t let a small thing like a ‘language barrier’ stop you from fantasising about marriage to [insert name]

9) You convince yourself that shoe lifts and man-liners are everyday necessities

10) You barely flinch at the following images:

11) And a special one for the hardcore fans….you cried on at least one of the following dates:  April 2007, September 2009, December 2009, April-May 2010, and June 2011.

So are you are Kpop addict?



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