Why Kpop is making me feel like a pedo-bear…

Now I have to admit, the worst excuse that a pedo can give is: ‘but I didn’t know she was 3….’ (read in whiney pedo voice). But in the k-pop industry, where celebrities are made up, dressed up and sexed up, I think the ‘I didn’t know he was 14…’ may be a valid defence for drooling over a prepubescent idols’ well executed hip thrusts.

Let’s have a look at the evidence shall well?

When Teen Top debuted in 2010, the average age of the members was 16.3333… (yes, I calculated that). The baby of the group, Changjo, was only the tender age of 15, an age where boys really should be gaming and popping pimples instead of hopping around in shiny jackets and too thick eyeliner.

Teen Top - A bit young to be shirtless.....

Shinee’s Taemin was 15 when the idol group debuted in 2008. And sure, while they had a youthful and fresh charisma at the beginning this soon morphed into sex god images before Taemin had turned 18. English translation of one of their lyrics: ‘I’ll fill you only; I’ll completely fill you only‘ (sorry for my sordid thoughts).

Taemin over the years - honestly, how am i supposed to know he's illegal...

And what about the girls? IU debuted when she was 15 and SNSD‘s average age was  17.666 when they hit the kpop scene.

GP Basic is a less known girl group. In fact, then seem to be more famous for their age, rather than their music. When the group debuted in 2010, the youngest member Janey was 12 years old and the oldest, only 15 years old.

GP Basic - Spot the underage one....wait...they're all underage...

I have two main problems with this trend:

Firstly, what really concerns me is not only the age at which they debut, but when they actually started training. Assuming that on average, an person trains for 5 years before they debut, this mean that some of our ‘idols’ have been training since their primary school years. While most idols go to school and some go on to get university degrees, it is only logical to question the quality of education they’re receiving. And as a side note for the haters out there, I’m questioning their level of ‘education’ not their ‘intelligence’.

This age issue is also making it difficult for me to perv on guys. Normally when I’m introduced to a new band, my eyes are immediately drawn to the hottest one there. Case in point: when I was watching Infinite’s Paradise for the first time, my eyes were glued to L and his awesome turtleneck. This turtleneck only served to emphasise his chiselled face and V-shaped body line. When Wikipedia told me he was only 19, I felt slightly nauseous; brought about by the realisation that I was no longer young and therefore had fallen in the category of creepy grandmas/cougars who prey on teen boys.

Oh L ~ why must you be so young?

Maybe I’m just bitter because all these young people seem to be achieving so much more than what I could at their age. On the other hand, 15 really seems to be too young to be launched into an industry where a person’s ‘image’ is more important than being encouraged to explore and find your ‘true self’.

And for goodness sake Shinee and Teen Top, stop singing songs about noonas! They’re just going to encourage me to do something illegal!



Check out the links below before you think I’m crazy. But if you’re over 20, check them out in private; otherwise you might get arrested or at the very least teased:

GP Basic’s Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fRiodadcBI

Infinite’s Paradise (Live): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kZsUIUOgKM

Shinee’s Replay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1HAazRvDP4

Shinee’s Lucifer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9SFMalRk5o&feature=related

Teen Top’s No more perfume on you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrWTc4lG8lI

2 thoughts on “Why Kpop is making me feel like a pedo-bear…

  1. I know how you feel when I first saw big bang I was really drawn to taeyang but then I found out his only at 20’s it’s really unfair

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