Shirt Ripping: An Overused and Dying Art?

Left to right: Siwon, Kim Hyun Joong, Seulong, Onew, Taeyang

Remember the good old days? The days when a classic shirt rip would triggered nose bleeds and leave you in a comatose state for days? When a glimpse of your idol’s precious abs would leave you drooling and flushing at the memory of such godliness? Back then, the ‘art of shirt ripping‘ was practiced exclusively by only the most promiscuous and daring of Korean Sex Gods. Recently however, I could not help but notice the overuse of this ‘godly art‘ by people from 8eight’s Lee Hyun to Super Junior’s Ryeowook (I mean, I didn’t even know that Ryeowook had abs). 

Left (Lee Hyun), Right (Ryeowook)

Shirt ripping has in fact, been abused to the point where there is now an ‘expectation‘, rather than ‘excitement‘ at the prospect of seeing an idol’s naked abs. I also have the sneaking suspicion that abs exposure is now being used to hide an idol’s poor singing skill, or to fill up performance time (actually, a shirt rip can also be effective in emergencies such as failed lip synching).

Rain - inventing new ways to rip shirts since 2005...

Who are worst offenders you ask? None other than 2PM, Super Junior’s Siwon, Kim Hyun Joong and the pioneer of shirt-ripping, himself, Rain. Not a performance goes by without one of these individuals/groups destroying a perfecting good t-shirt/singlet for the purpose of fan-service. In fact, 2PM exposes their 6 babies so often I feel like I could recognise them by their abs alone.

2pm - forerunners in the contest for 'most ab exposure by a kpop group'

Whether you love the overexposure of idols, or whether you’re getting sick of seeing so much skin, I hope that you’ll agree with me on this one point: that the next logical step from shirt ripping should really just be Pants Ripping.

I know I wouldn’t mind seeing Xiah in just his briefs hahaha. Oh yeah!



My Favourite Topless Videos:

Siwon stripping at SMTown Paris:

Taeyang ‘body waves’:

2PM Dance Battle

2PM & Snsd ‘Cabi’:

Kim Hyun Joong:

Rain ‘Love Song’:

And this one’s just for fun! Ryeowook ‘Moves like Jagger’:

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