Peng Li Yuan: China’s First Lady In Waiting

Peng Li Yuan is the wife of China‘s vice-president and president-to-be in 2013, Xi Jin Ping. She was born in Shandong, married in Fujian and is currently living in Beijing. The stunning 49 year old is also one of China’s top folk music vocalists with regular appearances on China’s most-watched television event, CCTV’s New Year’s Gala. Her most famous works include People from our Village Mount Chomolungma and On the Plains of Hope. Furthermore, she was one of the first in China to obtain a Master’s degree in traditional ethnic music when the degree was first established in the 1980s. Jealous anyone? Peng and Xi’s daughter, Xi Mingze, was born in 1992 and is supposedly studying in Harvard under an unknown name. Presumably to stop people like Nic kidnapping her and blackmailing the parents. 🙂 

Well its not all perfect… Peng Liyuan is a civilian member of China’s People’s Liberation Army and currently holds the civilian rank comparable to that of a Major General. Back in 1960/70s, there was a slight unease at her steady rise in military ranks. Civilians argued that artists in general shouldn’t of had ranks equal to soldiers that had risked their lives for the country. However, it is undeniable that Peng was extremely hard working, talented and boosted troop morale.

On a lighter note… Peng met Xi through a family introduction and was attracted to Xi because he was unlike other men who courted her. Other men tended to inquire after how much a celebrity could earn, while, the charming Xi asked about ethnic Chinese music. Xi also claimed that after 10 minutes with Peng, he decided that she would be the one he would marry. And I, am just too jealous to continue. 🙂

So I’ll just leave you with these:

On the Plains of Hope:

On Good Earth of China:

Another song where she looks great in but i can’t translate:



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